Add-on Modules

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What is an add-on?

An add-on is a software extension or enhancement that adds new features or functionality to an existing program or application. It is designed to enhance the base software’s capabilities and provide additional tools or options for the user.

There are 3 add-on selections for your district that can be implemented at any point. One is a fully integrated calling and notification system. Another is for parents to fill out school forms and registrations into your schools. The third one is our mobile app which brings goedustar to parents and students using a mobile device.

All the Features Your District Needs

EZSchool Messenger

EZSchoolMessenger is a notification system for attendance calls, weather cancelations and general notifications. Staff can create automatic templates for email, text, or phone calling to Transportation Staff, Community Contacts, Parents/Guardians, Staff and Students.

EZSchool Enroll

EZSchoolEnroll provides parents and guardians with a centralized online method for entering and updating school and district enrollment and other documentation requirements.

Mobile App

The goedustar mobile app connects parents and students to their Schedules, Gradebook Assignments with due dates and points earned and points possible, Term Grades, Daily Absences and Tardies and parent/student demographic data.