goedustar is a comprehensive Student Information System

What is a Student Information System?

A student information system (SIS), is a management information system for education sector establishments used to manage student data. It integrates students, parents, teachers, and the administration and contains tools for:

  • Student Biographical
  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Grade Reports
  • Teacher Gradebook
  • Health and Nurse System
  • Scheduling
  • Fines & Fees
  • Parent/Student Portal
  • Parent/Student Mobile App

Why is the goedustar Student Information System critical in our current educational environment?

A Comprehensive Student Information System like goedustar are important because they provide a means for schools to manage their operations efficiently. Student Information Systems can help schools make better decisions by providing accurate and up-to-date information. In addition, the goedustar Student Information System can align with State Reporting requirements and send accurate up to date data to the State Departments of Education.

Based in Wichita, KS, and a product of Harris Education Solutions, goedustar delivers a powerful means to keep all your student data accurate and in one place and ready to report or access when needed.

Our goals are to simplify and organize data so schools have the tools they need to allow your teachers to grow, administrators to improve, parents to be informed and students to succeed.