“We have used goedustar for several years now and one of the most beneficial features they offer is their support system. They are always quick to respond and usually have an answer immediately or are very willing to work and stay in touch until an issue is resolved. Ben and the other team members have always been very polite and helpful with even our smallest requests. The system is fairly user friendly, and they are very supportive with training of new users and when updating products.”

Kathy McHenry, USD 239

“I have been using goedustar for 10 years. There have been enhancements and features added over the years that I feel are keeping up with what we need, and I know they are always looking at how to improve on those things. The response time for help has always been quick, and friendly at that!”

Mandy Traffas, USD 511

“I would recommend goedustar for any school looking for a system that

1) stays current on ever changing state requirements;
2) works with other companies to provide ease in rostering students to their applications;
3) makes ordering student testing easy; and
4) is responsive to any issues we experience along the way.

goedustar makes changes as needed to meet changes/additions to Kansas State Reporting, testing requirements, etc. many times before I even know it’s going to change. The fact that I no longer have to roster students manually to applications such as Fast Bridge, Amplify, Clever and Xello made my life so much easier!

The programs run seamlessly as goedustar information is uploaded to the chosen apps automatically each night. The ease in ordering state assessment tests for students is very much appreciated as well. Best of all they provide us support that is quick to respond to our needs. goedustar also makes it easy for students and parents to look at students’ progress and grades.

I highly recommend goedustar!”

Kellie Schmidt, USD 237