The Power of Three

You can bundle goedustar with Harris Education solution’s edInsight and eDoctrina to take advantage of the power of three.

The power of 3: Collect - Analyze - Engage

The power of goedustar is in the collection of accurate student data and using the master scheduling system to assign students and teachers into courses.

The power of eDoctrina is taking the student and course data allowing curriculum specialist and teachers to create and administer assessments to their students.

The power of edInsight is to take the scores and used them in conjunction with student data points, for in-depth analytical reporting. Here educators can easily use the MTSS software to assess the need for response to intervention, easily identifying and tier at risk students, assigning interventions, monitoring progress and report of intervention effectiveness.

After analyzing the data from assessments, eDoctrina is used to engage students with Unit Planning. Lesson Planning. Power Standards. Curriculum Presenter/Recorder. Scope & Sequence Reports. Curriculum Mapping.